Best answer: Can I carry alcohol in Gujarat?

Yes you are allowed to carry liquor in domestic flights but it should be packed only in your check-in luggage. Alcohol is strictly prohibited in carry-on luggage.

Can I carry liquor in Gujarat by road?

After taking permit from state excise you will be able to bring liquor in your state. One of my client is in the business of Red wine and we have sent a consignment to Gujrat recently.

Can you carry alcohol in Gujarat by train?

The states where alcohol is totally bans are Gujarat, Bihar, Lakshadweep and Nagaland. … If a person is carrying alcohol on a train from a state where it is not banned to another state where alcohol is totally banned, then the person will be charged by the laws of that state where alcohol is a ban.

Can I carry liquor to Ahmedabad?

Anyone of drinking age can carry liquor, 2 full bottles max, to Ahmedabad Airport, all you need is a bill of sale, and the identification documents that state your age above 21. A pass can be made while you enter.

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How can I get liquor legally in Gujarat?

The only Legal way to get Alcohol in Gujarat is with a liquor permit issued in Gujarat.for visitors from outside gujarat, you can walk into a permit shop in some hotels (5 star) with your Voter ID/ Driver licence/passport with residential address of OUTSIDE Gujarat and copy of return ticket to your destination.

Do 5 star hotels in Gujarat serve alcohol?

None of the hotels in Gujarat can serve you alcohol. … No hotel does not serve alcohol.. you can buy it from A few other hotels and consume in your room.. you need a boarding pass or train ticket as proof.. along with stay address proof to buy.. over a year ago.

What is the punishment for drinking in Gujarat?

Gujarat is the only Indian state with a death penalty for the manufacture and sale of homemade liquor that results in fatalities. The legislation is titled the Bombay Prohibition (Gujarat Amendment) Act, 2009. The legislation was prompted by numerous deaths resulting from the consumption of methyl alcohol.

Can you carry alcohol in Delhi Metro?

Things you cannot carry inside a Metro train:

Sealed liquor bottles like whiskey, beer, etc. Banned spirits and inflammable liquids in all forms. Dangerous and banned chemicals, acids, corrosives, petroleum products, oxidising and radioactive substances.

Is Vadodara a dry state?

VADODARA: Gujarat has become a hub of drugs because of the “hypocrite prohibition policy of the state government”, alleged former chief minister Shankarsinh Vaghela on Saturday. … Gujarat has prohibition in place as the state is considered land of Mahatma Gandhi and Sardar Patel.

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Can I carry alcohol in Indian Railways?

✅ Can I carry alcohol in train in India? Alcohol is an inflammable substance and not permitted in trains.

How can I get liquor permit in Ahmedabad?

Required Documents[edit]

  1. Application form.
  2. ID proof (Passport / Voter ID / PAN Card / Driving Licence)
  3. Residence proof (Passport / Voter ID / PAN Card / Driving Licence)
  4. Age proof.
  5. Supporting document from statutory body.
  6. Aadhar Card.
  7. Notary attested Affidavit.
  8. Passport size photograph.


Where can I buy liquor in Ahmedabad?

There is a list of liquor shops in Ahmedabad who are authorized to sell to licensed alcohol consumers only.

  • Cama Hotel, Khanpur. …
  • Hotel Inder Residency, Ellisbridge. …
  • Hotel Nalanda, Mithakhali. …
  • Hotel President, C. G. Road. …
  • Pacifica Hotels, Satellite. …
  • Ramada Hotel, S.G. Highway. …
  • Rivera Sarovar Portico, Khanpur.

Can foreigners bring alcohol to Gujarat?

Foreigners and people from outside Gujarat can get liquor permit (easily), and can buy liquor officially. Due to liquor prohibition law, there are no bars. Everyrone consumes liquor inside their homes with a fear of not getting caught. So you don’t see many drunks or drink and drive accidents in Gujarat.

Who banned liquor in Gujarat?

Gujarat had banned alcohol consumption since 1960 as a homage to Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. However bootlegged alcohol, known as Hooch, is widely available, allegedly under the patronage of the local police.

Is beer available in Gujarat?

Gujarat is poised to become one of the biggest markets for alcohol-free beer. It is an Indian state where alcohol making, selling, and drinking have not been allowed since 1960. Nevertheless, it became the target of the two largest beer-making companies in India.

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