Your question: Can you carry alcohol in Gujarat by flight?

Yes you are allowed to carry liquor in domestic flights but it should be packed only in your check-in luggage. Alcohol is strictly prohibited in carry-on luggage.

Can we carry alcohol in flight to Ahmedabad?

Hi, First and foremost, you will not be allowed to carry any alcohol on domestic flight as Cabin Baggage. You will need to pack the same securely in your Check-In Baggage. Please retrain the proof of purchase with you and secure a permit at Ahmedabad either at airport or at the authorised places.

How can I get liquor legally in Gujarat?

The only Legal way to get Alcohol in Gujarat is with a liquor permit issued in Gujarat.for visitors from outside gujarat, you can walk into a permit shop in some hotels (5 star) with your Voter ID/ Driver licence/passport with residential address of OUTSIDE Gujarat and copy of return ticket to your destination.

How much liquor is allowed in international flights to Gujarat?

Yes, you can take it. You’re allowed to have 2 liters / 2 bottles of alcohol. This can be a combination of 2 bottles of alcohol or 1 box of beer + 1 bottle of alcohol. I usually follow the last option.

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Can I take alcohol to Ahmedabad domestic airport?

Visitors to Gujarat, India’s only state where sale and consumption of alcohol is banned, can now obtain permits to buy liquor at the domestic airport. Possession of liquor and its consumption without valid permit is a non-bailable offence in Gujarat. …

Do people in Gujarat drink alcohol?

Gujarat has a sumptuary law in force that proscribes the manufacture, storage, sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages. The legislation has been in force since 1 May 1960 when Bombay State was bifurcated into the states of Maharashtra and Gujarat. … Predictably, smuggling and illicit sale of alcohol are very common.

Can we travel with liquor in flight?

Passengers may carry upto 5 Liters of alcoholic beverages as part of their checked-in baggage, provided the following conditions are met: The alcoholic beverage is in retail packaging and is packed appropriately (to prevent damage / leakage). Alcohol content in the beverage is not more than 70%.

Do 5 star hotels in Gujarat serve alcohol?

None of the hotels in Gujarat can serve you alcohol. Some of the hotels do have a permit shop to purchase alcohol but that’s for personal consumption in the room. To purchase this you need a permit which hotel can help with. We do not have a permit shop at the hotel.

Can foreigners bring alcohol to Gujarat?

Foreigners and people from outside Gujarat can get liquor permit (easily), and can buy liquor officially. Due to liquor prohibition law, there are no bars. Everyrone consumes liquor inside their homes with a fear of not getting caught. So you don’t see many drunks or drink and drive accidents in Gujarat.

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Why did Gujarat ban alcohol?

Gujarat had banned alcohol consumption since 1960 as a homage to Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. … Gujarat has witnessed several occasions of alcohol poisoning, claiming the lives of more than 400 people after the ban was enforced.

Can you carry alcohol in Gujarat by train?

No, you are not allowed to carry liquor in trains. And moreover you are travelling to a dry state so I would advise you not to carry liquor. You can get liquor permit by showing your valid ticket and ID card of another state.

A modern retail liquor store, as in the picture below, that sells Champagnes Dom Perignon and Laurent-Perrier Rosé to wine lovers in the city Ahmedabad – capital of the state of Gujarat (and with a VAT invoice). … Gujarat has been “in prohibition” since 1948, as it was a part of the Bombay State post-independence.

Can we bring liquor from Goa to Gujarat?

Yes, you can take it. You’re allowed to have 2 liters / 2 bottles of alcohol. This can be a combination of 2 bottles of alcohol or 1 box of beer + 1 bottle of alcohol.

Is wine allowed in Ahmedabad?

Yes, you can take it. You’re allowed to have 2 liters / 2 bottles of alcohol.

Is beer allowed in Ahmedabad?

In India, Gujarat was the first state to completely ban Alcohol. There are many Hotels in Ahmedabad city where you can buy liquor legally. … There are not one or two but more than 10 Hotel from where you can avail alcohol if you are not from Gujarat.

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