Which state is the largest producer of alcohol in India?

In the financial year 2016, Tamil Nadu was the Indian state with the highest alcohol revenue at about 300 billion Indian rupees. India has the third largest alcohol market in the world.

Which state drinks the most alcohol in India?

Punjab, Goa, Tripura, Chhattisgarh and Arunachal Pradesh rank high on alcohol consumption. However, Uttar Pradesh has the highest number of alcohol drinkers in India. A few state governments like Bihar, Gujarat, Mizoram and Nagaland, have prohibited the sale of alcohol.

Which city consumes the most alcohol in India?

10 Indian Cities Where Alcohol Is Most Consumed

  • 1) Daman & Diu. At number 1, we have Daman & Diu which tops all the charts with a consumption of around 2,553 ml per week by an average drinker. …
  • 2) Andaman and Nicobar Islands. …
  • 3) Dadra & Haveli. …
  • 4) Delhi. …
  • 5) Arunachal Pradesh. …
  • 6) Sikkim. …
  • 7) Karnataka. …
  • 8) Kerala.


Which state Alcohol is banned in India?

Alcohol sale and consumption is totally banned in Bihar, Gujarat, Tripura, Lakshadweep, Mizoram, and Nagaland. It is also banned partially in some districts of Manipur.

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Which state has cheapest alcohol in India?

However it will still mean Goa is the cheapest state in India for alcohol. A similar event occurred in April 2018 where by the cost (wholesale price printed on can or bottle) took a can of Tilburg from 52 rupees to 56, sold in wine shop at 60 rupees.

Which country consumes most alcohol?

Belarus, a small landlocked country in Europe, consumed the greatest average number of liters of pure alcohol per capita. On average, its citizens consumed 14.4 liters each year, over 1.5 times more than Americans.

Which state has highest alcohol consumption?

New Hampshire is currently the state with the highest per capita alcohol consumption in the United States.

Which is the strongest alcohol in India?

10 Strongest Alcoholic Drinks In India, A List, To Prepare You For This Weekend

  • Royal Challenge.
  • Old Monk.
  • Officer’s Choice.
  • Antiquity.
  • Bagpiper.
  • Mansion House.
  • McDowell’s No. …
  • Royal Stag.

Which states are dry states?

Three states—Kansas, Mississippi, and Tennessee—are entirely dry by default: counties specifically must authorize the sale of alcohol in order for it to be legal and subject to state liquor control laws. Alabama specifically allows cities and counties to elect to go dry by public referendum.

Who banned liquor in Gujarat?

Gujarat had banned alcohol consumption since 1960 as a homage to Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. However bootlegged alcohol, known as Hooch, is widely available, allegedly under the patronage of the local police.

How many states in India are dry?

While India is holding the largest whisky market in the world, five states of the country have banned this totally. Gujarat, Nagaland, Mizoram and Manipur, officially prohibits drinking liquor, recently Bihar has been added in the list.

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Which is the cheapest Whisky in India?

14 Best Whisky Brands In India Under The Budget Of ₹2000

  • Haywards. …
  • Imperial Blue. …
  • Mc Dowell’s No. …
  • Paul John Brilliance. …
  • Royal Stag. …
  • Blender’s Pride. …
  • Vat 69. …
  • 100 Pipers. We are ending this list of best whisky brands in India under the budget of ₹2000 with 100 Pipers which is a blended scotch with a brilliant vanilla aftertaste.


Which is the cheapest alcohol in India?

Cheapest Indian Wine, Spirits and Beer

Wine Name Grape Avg Price
McDowell’s – MrDowell’s No. 1 Celebration Matured XXX Rum, India Rum $3
Honey Bee Premium Brandy, India Brandy $3
Mansion House French Brandy, India Brandy $8
M2 Vodka Magic Moments Remix Green Apple Flavoured Vodka, India Vodka – Flavored $8

Which state has the cheapest beer?

The cheapest state for a case of beer is Illinois, where the average price is $15.20. The second cheapest is South Carolina ($15.32), followed by New York ($15.48), Rhode Island ($15.98), and Kansas and Michigan tying for number five at $16.07 per case.

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