Is alcohol sold on public holiday in South Africa?

President Cyril Ramaphosa announced on Tuesday that alcohol sales for offsite consumption will be restricted from 10:00 to 18:00, from Monday to Thursday, excluding public holidays. … South Africa has seen three alcohol sales bans since the country went into its first lockdown in March last year.

Can you buy alcohol on public holidays South Africa?

A licensee may sell liquor for consumption off the licensed premises on the following days and hours:(a)on any day of the week with the exception of Sundays, provided such exception does not apply to a winery; and(b)from 0900 to 1800.

Can alcohol be sold on public holidays?

No alcohol can be sold for off-site consumption over the weekend or during public holidays,” he said. “Alcohol can be sold and consumed at licensed premises only, but not before 9:00 and not after midnight. Equally, alcohol cannot be sold as takeaways, it must be consumed on the premises where it was bought.

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Are bottle stores allowed to open on public holidays in South Africa?

Alcohol sales

The sale of alcohol for offsite consumption has been curtailed to between 10am and 6pm on Monday to Thursday only. This excludes public holidays, meaning bottle stores will be closed on Wednesday, Youth Day. “Alcohol consumption in all public spaces is strictly prohibited,” Ramaphosa said.

Can I buy alcohol today in South Africa?

The sale of alcohol will be back to normal, President Cyril Ramaphosa said on Sunday night, after announcing that SA has moved to level 1 of the Covid-19 lockdown.

Can alcohol be sold today?

Alcohol can be sold for home consumption from Monday to Thursday only for now and no alcohol can be sold or served after 10pm. … Over the course of July and early August, pressure from the trade and regional governments, especially in the Western Cape, to allow alcohol and tobacco sales began to mount.

Are liquor stores open on public holidays during lockdown?

Government has reinstated alert level 3 lockdown restrictions, which means alcohol sales will be restricted. President Cyril Ramaphosa announced on Tuesday that alcohol sales for offsite consumption will be restricted from 10:00 to 18:00, from Monday to Thursday, excluding public holidays.

Is there a alcohol ban?

Alcohol has been banned from some public places in Auckland to encourage a safe and welcoming environment.

Ramaphosa announced in his address to the nation that the new curfew hours are from midnight to 04:00. When the third ban was lifted at the beginning of February, the sale of alcohol was allowed only for off-site consumption from Mondays to Thursdays, from 10:00 to 18:00.

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Are bottle stores open on Human Rights Day?

The sale of liquor is only permitted between 9am and 6pm on weekdays and Saturdays. … With this past Saturday being a public holiday (Human Rights Day), the sale of liquor should have stopped at 1pm. Supermarkets are affected by the regulations too — which also limit the number of people on the premises.

What is the latest you can buy alcohol?

In most jurisdictions, sales of alcoholic beverages can occur between 7 a.m. and 3 a.m. in retail establishments, and the bar closing time is 2 a.m. Maximum size for beer and malt liquor bottles sold at retail establishments appears to be 32 ounces in most jurisdictions.

What time must bars close in South Africa?

South Africa’s new curfew that now starts from 10pm to 4am. The President stressed that non-essential establishments like restaurants, bars and fitness centres need to be closed by 9pm to allow employees and patrons to travel home before the start of the curfew.

Can we travel with alcohol?

Alcohols with between 24% – 70% alcohol is limited to 5 litres per Guest, as checked or carry-on baggage, providing they meet the carry-on baggage limitations. … No alcohol exceeding 70% alcohol is allowed as checked or carry-on baggage.

What level is South Africa on lockdown?

Disaster Management Act: Regulations: Alert level 3 during Coronavirus COVID-19 lockdown. South African Government.

Can restaurants serve alcohol in South Africa?

The new regulations allow for the sale of alcohol from Mondays to Thursdays between 10:00 to 18:00. The sale of alcohol by licensed premises for on-site consumption – such as restaurants and taverns – will be permitted throughout the week from 10:00 to 22:00.

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Can you buy alcohol in Level 3?

According to our new Level 3 laws, liquor can only be sold for off-site consumption from 10:00 to 18:00, Monday – Thursday. You can still drink in hospitality venues over the weekend, but buying your own supply on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday is generally off-limits.

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