Is alcohol cheaper in Montreal?

Lots of choose from on both sides of the border. In Ontario, there is a 10 per cent tax on liquor, while in Quebec it is a 6.5 per cent. This translates into cheaper prices for consumers of alcohol in Quebec. However, while beer and liquor are cheaper on the Quebec side, wine is less expensive in Ontario.

Is booze cheaper in Quebec?

Picking up a bottle of French bubbly or certain types of beer is cheapest in Quebec, while some brands of rose and red wine are cheaper in Ontario.

Is beer cheaper in Montreal?

Beers, QC is always cheaper. You can even buy Beers at any Grocery Stores or even gas station. Check their local flyers, Super C or Maxi often even Beers on sale. SAQ mostly sell wines and not beers.

Why is alcohol so expensive in Quebec?

Alcohol prices in Canada are approximately twice as expensive as in the United States. The sole reason for this price difference is that the Federal and Provincial Governments regulate minimum prices and taxes on alcohol. This is often referred to as “social responsibility”.

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Where is the cheapest place to buy alcohol?

How to Buy Alcohol When You’re on a Budget

  • Trader Joe’s. PIN IT. Photo by Madi Helfrich. Trader Joe’s offers some of the best selections for low-priced, good quality hard alcohol, beer, and wine. …
  • Costco. PIN IT. Photo by Madi Helfrich. …
  • Safeway. PIN IT. Photo by Madi Helfrich. …
  • Target. PIN IT. Photo by Amy Miller.

Where is the cheapest beer in Canada?


So where’s the cheapest beer? Montreal and Gatineau in the National Capital Region are tops when it comes to rock bottom beer pricing, and British Columbia and Manitoba are at the high end.

What is the cheapest vodka in Canada?

Canadian Vodka

  • Pearl Pomegranate Vodka. …
  • Crystal Head Vodka Bone Bottle. …
  • E.T. 51 Premium Vodka. $29.99 – $37.39.
  • Crystal Head Vodka Rolling Stones Edition. $41.99 – $1999.99.
  • Aylesbury Duck Vodka. $16.99 – $39.19.
  • Crystal Head Vodka W/Shaker. $44.99 – $59.99.
  • Black Fly Vodka Grapefruit.
  • Pearl Lime Basil Vodka. $9.99 – $19.99.

Where can I buy beer in Montreal?

You can buy beer until 11pm daily at the depanneur (convenience store), or hard liquor at the SAQ (Societe d’Alcool du Quebec aka Quebec’s liquor Commission) normally from 9am- 5pm, Monday through Saturday, and until 9pm on Thursdays and Fridays at certain locations.

Where can I buy cheap beer in Montreal?

The 9 Best Places for Cheap Drinks in Montreal

  • Foufounes Électriques. 6.5. 87, rue Sainte-Catherine Est, Montréal, QC. …
  • Brass Door Pub. 8.5. 2171 Crescent St, Montréal, QC. …
  • Le Salon Daomé 8.1. 141 ave. …
  • Resto-Bar La Maisonnée. 6.9. 5385 ave. …
  • L’Espace Public. 7.9. …
  • Casa del Popolo. 6.9. …
  • Scena. 7.2. …
  • La Succursale. 7.7.
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How much does a beer cost in Montreal?

Montreal is 28.13% less expensive than New York (without rent).

Cost of Living in Montreal.

Restaurants Edit
Meal for 2 People, Mid-range Restaurant, Three-course 75.00C$
McMeal at McDonalds (or Equivalent Combo Meal) 12.00C$
Domestic Beer (1 pint draught) 6.00C$
Imported Beer (12 oz small bottle) 7.00C$

Where is alcohol cheapest in Canada?

Quebec had the lowest liquor prices followed by Ontario.

Can you bring alcohol from Quebec to Ontario?

A: Yes. The Government of Ontario amended Regulation 718 under the Liquor Licence Act. Individuals are now permitted to bring any quantity of beverage alcohol into Ontario on their person from other Canadian provinces or territories, as long as it is for personal consumption and not for re-sale or commercial use.

How much is alcohol tax in Quebec?

Alcohol tax rates*

Jurisdiction Tax rate (% of purchase price)
New Brunswick1 5%
Prince Edward Island2 25%

What alcohol gets you drunk the fastest?

10 Strongest Alcohols In The World That’ll Get You High Quickly & Land You In A Lot Of Trouble

  • Hapsburg Gold Label Premium Reserve Absinthe (89.9% Alcohol)
  • Pincer Shanghai Strength (88.88% Alcohol) …
  • Balkan 176 Vodka (88% Alcohol) …
  • Sunset Rum (84.5% Alcohol) …
  • Devil Springs Vodka (80% Alcohol) …
  • Bacardi 151 (75.5% Alcohol) …

How do I get the best price on alcohol?

15 Ways to Get Alcohol for Cheap, Not Cheap Alcohol

  1. Grab cheap alcohol with a Vons Club Card. …
  2. Get wine delivery without breaking the bank online. …
  3. Build your own 6-pack to save $3 on expensive craft brews. …
  4. Buy booze at Costco without a membership. …
  5. Get a growler full of draft beer for the same price as a pint at the bar.
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