How much alcohol did colonial Americans drink?

In 1770, the average colonial Americans consumed about three and a half gallons of alcohol per year, about double the modern rate.

How much did American colonists drink?

This link to the British Caribbean meant rum could be made and sold cheaply in the American colonies, or purchased directly from the Caribbean (for a higher price). According to Colonial Williamsburg, some historians estimate that American men drank an average of three pints of rum every week before the Revolution.

What alcohol did they drink in 1700s?

So instead of drinking water, many people drank fermented and brewed beverages like beer, ale, cider, and wine. Children drank something called small beer.

Why was alcohol drank more during colonial times?

Although some colonial-era beers might have been even weaker than today’s light beers, people drank a lot more of them. In part, heavy alcohol consumption was a way to stay hydrated: Often, clean water wasn’t always accessible.

What did the early colonists drink?

During the earliest colonial days, tastes ran to beer, hard cider, ale and wine–beverages that could be made from harvested grains and fruit. Cider, a thick fermented substance with a high (7%) alcohol content, was by far the most common alcoholic beverage consumed by the early colonists.

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What did most colonists drink?

The Founders, like most colonists, were fans of adult beverages. Colonial Americans drank roughly three times as much as modern Americans, primarily in the form of beer, cider, and whiskey.

What was the cheapest manmade drink in the colonies?

For one, clean water was hard to come by. Most colonists collected rainwater or gathered it from springs, as opposed to drawing from local rivers, which could make one sick. “Beer was the cheapest and most popular manmade brew in 18th-century Virginia,” Clark said. “It was healthier and more nutritious than water.”

Is water safer than alcohol?

Beer, however, was usually safe, because the water it was made from came from deep wells, and (as Paul reminds us) was boiled as part of the pre-fermentation process. The idea that people drank beer because the water was unsafe is a myth.

What did 1984 drink?

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What did they drink in Jamestown?

Beer, cider and other relatively weak fermented beverages were almost universally consumed from the earliest days of Virginia’s history.

What alcohol did the founding fathers drink?

By the end of the night, Washington’s party drank: 54 bottle of Madeira wine, 60 bottle of Bordeaux wine, 8 bottles of old stock whiskey, 22 bottles of porter ale, 8 bottles of hard cider, 12 jugs of beer, and 7 large bowls of punch.

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Why was rum so important to the colonists?

Rum was an economic force in the American colonies, but tied to the contemptible practice of human slavery. … But in its early heyday, rum played a central role in tavern life, serving as a social lubricant. Town taverns were often the gathering places where political discussion took place and ideas were exchanged.

What alcohol did they drink in the 1800s?

Rather, as historian W.J. Rorabaugh wrote in his research on American alcohol consumption for The OAH Magazine of History: By 1700, the colonists drank fermented peach juice, hard apple cider, and rum, which they imported from the West Indies or distilled from West Indian molasses.

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