Frequent question: Where can I buy alcohol in Mumbai?

How can I buy alcohol in Mumbai?

Step By Step Guide & Guidelines To Get Your Alcohol Home Delivered From Living Liquidz

  1. Visit the website.
  2. Choose your drink.
  3. Schedule a delivery.
  4. Once you place the order, a small print is sent to the liquor shop closest to you.
  5. Your order gets delivered at your doorstep.
  6. Delivery is only permitted in non-containment zones.


Where can I buy alcohol online in Mumbai?

Get Booze Delivered At Your Doorstep In Mumbai & Pune From These 5 Online Stores

  • BeerBox by aBEER. BeerBox by aBEER is your personal shopping assistant for chilled bottles of beer and exquisite wine. …
  • Living Liquidz. …
  • Doolally. …
  • Nature’s Basket. …
  • Spiritzone.


Is alcohol costly in Mumbai?

A 750 ml bottle goes for Rs 885 in Mumbai, 108% higher than in Goa (Rs 425), 70% more than in Delhi (Rs 520) and 31% costlier than in Bangalore (Rs 675). The absurdly high prices are driving Mumbai’s tipplers to increasingly bypass the state when buying liquor and instead give business to other states.

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Is liquor delivery allowed in Mumbai?

Home delivery of liquor, too, will be allowed between 7am and 8pm on all days. … The order allows home delivery of food and essential supplies through online service providers and apps for 24 hours on all days of a week. Also, restaurants can directly take home delivery orders.

Does Amazon deliver alcohol?

You can get beer, wine, and select spirits delivered thanks to Amazon partnering with local restaurants and liquor stores. … You can select pickup or delivery when ordering your booze.

What app can you order alcohol?

Check out these apps for your next booze delivery.

  • Drizly. By far one of the most popular apps is Drizly. …
  • Minibar Delivery. Minibar Delivery is perfect for a last minute party or for those who want to drink before going out because they offer delivery in a hour or less. …
  • Saucey. …
  • Klink Delivery. …
  • Buttery. …
  • Thirstie.

Does BigBasket deliver alcohol?

Amazon And BigBasket Can Now Deliver Alcohol Like Beer, Wine.

Is wine shop closed today in Mumbai?

According to the new guidelines, bar and wine shops will remain closed. Religious places and beaches will also be closed to the public. Restrictions imposed on movement, markets etc.

Which is cheapest Whisky in Mumbai?

14 Best Whisky Brands In India Under The Budget Of ₹2000

  • Haywards. …
  • Imperial Blue. …
  • Mc Dowell’s No. …
  • Paul John Brilliance. …
  • Royal Stag. …
  • Blender’s Pride. …
  • Vat 69. …
  • 100 Pipers. We are ending this list of best whisky brands in India under the budget of ₹2000 with 100 Pipers which is a blended scotch with a brilliant vanilla aftertaste.
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Is Feni available in Mumbai?

MUMBAI: You may no longer have to ask your friends to bring a bottle of feni all the way from Goa. … The government had earlier decided not to allow feni production in Maharashtra as it might affect the sales of other liquor brands made here, an official said.

What is price of black dog in Mumbai?

Black Dog Price in Mumbai

Black Dog Price in Mumbai 180 ml Rs. 380/-
Black Dog Price in Mumbai 375 ml Rs. 775/-
Black Dog Price in Mumbai 750 ml Rs. 1490/-

Can alcohol be delivered during lockdown?

Lockdown rules: “pubs and other hospitality venues cannot serve alcohol to takeaway to discourage people from gathering outside their premises,” a Government spokesperson says. … Alcohol can only be delivered to fixed addresses.

How can I buy liquor in Mumbai lockdown?

“Now, even during a lockdown, sale of liquor is allowed via home delivery. This year, we have the machinery in place. The shops are also ready to carry out business without being impacted by the lockdown. Also, the state government is likely to carry out vaccination on a mass scale this year.

Is online liquor started in Mumbai?

Liquor shops have started taking online orders in Mumbai. … Liquor shops have started to deliver liquor at homes in Maharashtra’s cities. The home deliveries will be made in the areas with no Covid-19 cases. People in Mumbai can register for liquor online.

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