Can Instacart deliver alcohol in New York?

Order for delivery or pickup from local stores in cities like Los Angeles, Miami, New York City, Chicago, Austin, Washington D.C., Houston, Atlanta, and many more.

Can you get alcohol delivered in New York?

New York is also known as the delivery capital of the world – so where better than Manhattan to launch wine, beer, and spirits on-demand. Whether you’re sipping cocktails on the Upper East Side or swigging beer in Greenwich Village, we’ll get your alcohol delivered in a New York Minute.

Can you get alcohol delivered with Instacart?

Instacart alcohol delivery is available today in California, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Texas, Virginia, Washington, and Washington, D.C. We will continue rolling out alcohol delivery to customers in more states as it is permitted.

Can I order alcohol online in NY?

Get your favorite wine, beer, liquor, and other alcoholic beverages delivered directly to you. Order online from shops and liquor stores near you in New York.

Can you have wine delivered in New York?

New York State wineries may ship up to 36 cases (no more than 9 liters per case) of wine per year directly to a New York resident for personal use. The winery must require the purchaser to provide proof they are 21 or over, and that the wine is for personal use and not for resale.

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Who delivers liquor in NYC?

Some services charge a fee if alcohol can’t be delivered and must be returned.

  • Saucey. Feel like getting sauced? …
  • Drizly. Drizly insists that their deliveries of beer, wine and spirits will come to you in 60 minutes or less. …
  • Minibar. Minibar is another popular wine, liquor and beer delivery service. …
  • Postmates. …
  • Goldbelly.


Why can’t Instacart deliver alcohol?

We can’t deliver alcohol if the customer doesn’t meet all delivery requirements. In these cases, we refund the alcohol and return it to the store. The customer may still be charged delivery fees, bottle deposit fees, or the tip.

Will Instacart deliver cigarettes?

Instacart does not deliver cigarettes. In fact, they don’t currently deliver any tobacco products. However, since they have started delivering other restricted and regulated products such as alcohol, that could change in the future.

Does Amazon deliver alcohol?

You can get beer, wine, and select spirits delivered thanks to Amazon partnering with local restaurants and liquor stores. … You can select pickup or delivery when ordering your booze.

Is it cheaper to buy liquor online?

Other Ways Buying Online Can Save Money on Alcohol

Not to beat a dead horse, but buying online can save money on booze by buying in bulk. You’ll get a lower per-bottle price when you buy a case online. This works especially well to save money on wine, because Amazon sells wine and they’ve always got deals cooking.

Is there an app that delivers liquor?

By far one of the most popular apps is Drizly. Drizly offers a large selection of your favorite drinks. They do not markup prices and even deliver limes, cups, margarita salt, etc. To use the app, just simply scan an ID, order your booze, and wait at the door for it to arrive.

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How can I send alcohol to someone in NYC?

Alcohol delivery in NYC

  1. Drizly. This service offers quick-and-easy delivery of beer, wine and spirits from local liquor stores around the city, usually in less than an hour. …
  2. Minibar. …
  3. Fresh Direct. …
  4. Instacart. …
  5. Astor Wines. …
  6. …
  7. Swill. …
  8. Cocktail Courier.


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