Best answer: Can you order alcohol online in Japan?

Ordering quality beer online in Japan is surprisingly simple. Although some countries tightly control how, or even if, beer can be sold directly to consumers, Japan has a remarkably relaxed approach to alcohol being delivered via the postal system.

Can alcohol be shipped to Japan?

All alcohol shipments require an adult signature upon delivery to consumers.

UPS Expands Alcohol Shipping to Businesses and Consumers Across Asia Pacific.

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Can you sell alcohol online in Japan?

About Alcohol Beverage Retail License

It is not permitted to sell products via an on-line service or outside of your licensed prefecture. products to customers anywhere in Japan via an on-line service. It is not permitted to sell alcohol beverage products to customers at your shop.

Can I buy Japanese beer online?’s range of Japanese beer includes classic brews from popular brands like Asahi, Sapporo, and Kirin, as well as lesser known craft beers from independent manufacturers. Enjoy with wasabi peas or spicy rice crackers for an authentic experience. You must be over 18 to purchase alcohol.

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Can you send alcohol from Japan to us?

No. Shipping companies in the US prohibit the shipping of alcoholic beverages unless you are a licensed distributor.

What Cannot be mailed to Japan?

Items that cannot be accepted for shipping

  • Gold, silver, white gold, other precious metals, precious stones including diamonds and semiprecious stones, currency of all countries (banknotes and coins), various jewelry goods, other valuables.
  • Marketable securities.

How much alcohol can I send to Japan?

You can send alcoholic beverages with an alcoholic content of up to 24 percent by volume as international mail.

Like any other countries, there are several rules for online shopping service as business in Japan. You need a permission to sell some items and must write required product information on the online shopping website.

How do you import alcohol into Japan?

When importing alcohol into Japan for the purpose of reselling (retail or wholesale), the importer is required to obtain an alcohol importing license. Without this license, it is not possible to clear customs, thus the license must be obtained by the time the products arrive at the Japanese ports.

How old do you have to be to serve alcohol in Japan?

No special laws prevent minors from serving alcohol, from what I can find out. The only thing is that people under 18 can’t work between the hours of 10 pm and 5 am (regardless of whether it is a place that serves alcohol or not).

Which beer is better Sapporo or Asahi?

Many people ask Sapporo vs Asahi, which one is the best? It really is a matter of taste, but in terms of difference, the color of this Sapporo beer is slightly darker than the Asahi product. Sapporo tastes lighter and you can feel a brisk hoppiness. In any case, for a guaranteed good beer, look for the star label!

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How do you order beer in Japan?

Ordering three beers is as simple as saying: “biru mitsu o kudasai”. Once you sit down, ordering a drink first is considered part of Japanese culture. And there are three core reasons why most people would order beer up front.

Japanese Brewers and Beers:

The most popular beer in Japan is Asahi Super Dry. Not surprisingly, it has a dry, refreshing taste. You’ll also find Kirin Brewery Company, which offers a large variety of drink options, such as the Kirin Ichiban Shibori, Kirin Heartland Beer and Kirin Tanrei (a happoshu).

Will UPS know if I ship alcohol?

UPS sends a shipment notification email to the recipient informing them when the Spirits shipment will be delivered so that an adult at least 21 years of age can be available to complete the delivery.

Does FedEx ship alcohol?

Consumers may not ship alcohol of any type via FedEx services. The shipper must be a FedEx-approved alcohol shipper, the recipient must be a business entity that holds appropriate alcohol licenses, and the shipment must otherwise comply with applicable laws.

Can you personally ship alcohol?

There is absolutely no alcohol allowed for any USPS shipment, domestically or internationally. On top of this, if you plan on using packaging that was once used to carry alcohol, all labels or branding associated with alcohol must be covered or taken off in order to properly process the package.

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