Why is alcohol expensive in Kerala?

Why liquor is expensive in Kerala?

The revision in purchase cost, sales tax, excise duty and profit margin from time to time have resulted in increase in retail price of IMFL in the state. The last time government increased the wholesale profit margin of IMFL brands was in June 2017, when it was increased from 24% to 29%.

Is alcohol expensive in Kerala?

The AP and Delhi state governments have simply increased the liquor rates during the phase 3.0 Lockdown. Around 75% of the rate has increased in each brand.

Kerala BEVCO Liquor Rates (Virtual Queue BEV Q app) Details.

Brand Name New Cost/ Rates
Old Monk Rum 750 ml= Rs 720 375 ml= Rs 390 500 ml= Rs 430 1000 ml= Rs 860

Can we buy alcohol in Kerala?

The Kerala government resumed the legal sale of alcohol. However, it insisted that liquor outlets serve only customers who have booked their slots in advance via the BevQ app.

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What is the tax on alcohol in Kerala?

For Kerala, the tax on liquor is its single largest revenue source. The state also has the highest liquor sales tax – almost 250 percent. The state controls the liquor market with its agency, Kerala State Beverages Corporation. In response to the pent-up demand, it increased the price of liquor by 7 percent this month.

Which is the cheapest liquor in Kerala?

  • BACARDI LIMON CITRUS RUM. 750 ml = Rs.1270. …
  • BACARDI APPLE APPLE RUM. 750 ml = Rs.1270. …
  • BACARDI ORANGE RUM. 750 ml = Rs.1250. …
  • OLD MONK XXX RUM. 750 ml = Rs.720. …
  • OLD MONK S XXX PREMIUM RUM. 750 ml = Rs.750. …
  • OLD MONK GOLD RESERVE RUM. 750 ml = Rs.890. …
  • OLD MONK WHITE RUM. 750 ml = Rs.890. …
  • OLD MONK ORANGE RUM. 750 ml = Rs.510.

How much is a beer in Kerala?

The price for Bellbird Premium Lager Beer (500 ML) is Rs. 110.00, Foster’s Gold Strong Beer (650 ML) is Rs. 120.00, Budweiser Premium King Of Beers (650 ML) is Rs. 140.00, Haywards 5000 Gold Premium Strong Beer (650 ML) is Rs.

Why alcohol is banned in Kerala?

Kerala has one of the highest per capita consumption of alcohol in the country. Finance Minister T.M. Thomas Isaac had said bootleggers and illicit supply networks had stepped into the void created by the clampdown on liquor sale.

Which is the cheapest rum in Kerala?

Currently, the cheapest but the most selling ‘Jawan’ rum (full bottle), which earlier cost Rs 420, is now sold at Rs 450 in Kerala.

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Is Kerala alcohol free?

Kerala. Kerala currently allows alcohol to be served in most hotels, bars and airports. A ban imposed by the United Democratic Front government in 2014 was reversed by the Left Democratic Front government in 2017 when they came to power citing heavy losses in state revenue and sharp decrease in tourism industry.

How much alcohol can I buy in Kerala?

According to provisions in the Kerala Abkari Act and Rules, a persons can possess three litres of Indian Made Foreign Liquor. The petitioner also said since own house being a private place, license from the Excise Department is not required for serving liquor for guests there.

How much liquor can I buy in Kerala?


Item Possession Limit
Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL) 3 Ltr
Beer 3.5 Ltr
Wine 3.5 Ltr
Foreign Made Foreign Liquor (FMFL) 2.5 Ltr

Can we carry alcohol to Kerala by road?

A person can possess Indian Made Foreign Liquor of 3.0 Ltrs as permissible limit & Foreign Made Foreign Liquor of 2.5 Ltrs limit in Kerala as per law. So no law enforcing agency can harass any one possessing the quantity equal or less than that, provide no other violations of law is effectuated.

How much is petrol tax in Kerala?

State lowered tax

Kerala levies a 30.08 tax on petrol sale price along with an added Rs. 1.20 in cess. In all, the state earns Rs 26 on one litre petrol. Pinarayi government had lowered state tax to 30.8 % from the previous 31.08% foregoing Rs. 509 crores thereby in taxes. And it never raised that tax since.

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What is the main income of Kerala?

₹1.15 lakh crore (US$16 billion) (2020–21 est.) ₹1.44 lakh crore (US$20 billion) (2020–21 est.) The economy of Kerala is the 9th largest in India, with an annual gross state product (GSP) of ₹9.78 lakh crore (US$138.88 billion) in 2020–2021.

Agriculture and livestock.

Segment National Share %
Coffee 5.2
Meat 5.1

Which country has the highest tax on alcohol?

The high price of alcohol in Iceland has much to do with taxes. Alcohol is taxed by volume, so the state would collect 94.1 percent of a bottle’s retail price for a one-liter bottle of vodka priced at $66, according to Iceland Magazine.

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