Why are lower member of alcohol highly soluble in water?

In alcohols, −OH group is polar and forms hydrogen bonds with water. … This makes alcohol water soluble. The alkyl chain (hydrocarbon chain) is non-polar and decreases the solubility of alcohol in water.

Which alcohol is more soluble in water?

Ethyl alcohol is more soluble in water than dimethyl class 12 chemistry CBSE.

Why are some alcohols more soluble than others?

This is due to the combined strength of so many hydrogen bonds forming between oxygen atoms of one alcohol molecule and the hydroxy H atoms of another. The longer the carbon chain in an alcohol is, the lower the solubility in polar solvents and the higher the solubility in nonpolar solvents.

Why low molecular mass alcohols are soluble in water?

Solubility of alcohols and phenols in water is due to their ability to form hydrogen bond with water molecule. … Alcohols with lower molar mass will have smaller hydrocarbon part and therefore tendency to form hydrogen bonding is more and they are more soluble in water.

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Which alcohol has lowest solubility in water?

Of the given options, the largest alcohol of all is 1- pentanol and will thus have the least solubility in water. Thus, the correct answer is D. Note: Due to their polar nature, alcohols also have high boiling points.

Can alcohol dissolve in water?

Even though alcohol has one polar area (O–H bond) and a larger nonpolar area (C–H bonds), polar water molecules and the polar area on alcohol molecules are attracted to each other, causing alcohol to dissolve in water.

Which is the most polar alcohol?

The viscosity of alcohols increase as the size of the molecules increases. This is because the strength of the intermolecular forces increases, holding the molecules more firmly in place. Amide is the most polar while alkane is the least.

Why is ethanol weaker than methanol?

Methanol and ethanol have similar structures and similar intermolecular forces, but differ in molecular size. Methanol has the higher vapor pressure because its molecules are smaller than those of ethanol, and so its intermolecular forces are less than ethanol’s.

Do alcohols have higher boiling points?

Alcohols have higher boiling points than do ethers and alkanes of similar molar masses because the OH group allows alcohol molecules to engage in hydrogen bonding.

Why alcohols are soluble in water?

Because alcohols form hydrogen bonds with water, they tend to be relatively soluble in water. The hydroxyl group is referred to as a hydrophilic (“water-loving”) group, because it forms hydrogen bonds with water and enhances the solubility of an alcohol in water.

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Why is phenol acidic than ethanol?

The acidic substance has the tendency to produce H+ ion when dissolved in water. Both phenol and ethanol weak acid. However, the acidity of phenol is more than that of ethanol. This is because after losing a proton, the phenoxide ion undergoes resonance & gets stabilized whereas ethoxide ion does not.

Why alcohols and ethers of comparable molecular mass have?

Explain why alcohols and ethers of comparable molecular mass have different boiling points ? Answer: Alcohols undergo intermolecular H-bonding and hence exist as associated molecules. … As a result, ethers exist as discrete molecules which are held only by weak dipole-dipole attractions.

Is glycerol soluble in water?

Physically, glycerine is a water-soluble, clear, almost colorless, odorless, viscous, hygroscopic liquid with a high boiling point.

Is propanal soluble in water?

Propionaldehyde (Propanal)

Propionaldehyde is soluble in water and it is miscible with alcohols and ether.

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