Who has the worst alcohol tolerance in NCT?

NCT 127 Reveals That Jaehyun Has The Highest Alcohol Tolerance. On March 22, NCT 127 made a guest appearance on the radio program “2 O’Clock Escape Cultwo Show.”

Do NCT members drink?

They’re a witty pair. In the past, NCT Dream’s Haechan revealed he could drink two and a half bottles of soju. So, a fan was curious how much alcohol each of the other members could drink. … Then, they revealed that Jeno drinks well although he hadn’t tested his limits just like Renjun and Jaemin.

Does Jaemin NCT drink alcohol?

NCT DREAM’s Jeno Reveals The Only Alcoholic Drink Jaemin Can Handle. … In episode five of NCT DREAM’s 7llin’ in the DREAM, Jeno knew his members so well that he cracked them up by exposing the only alcoholic drink that Jaemin can handle.

Which NCT member is good at math?

chenle, like taeil, is another member known to be a math genius. one time, allegedly, he even emailed his math teacher to give him more homework and usually scored 100% on his math tests.

Does WAYV drink alcohol?

He can’t really drink alcohol. Ten prefers clear and sunny weather over rainy weather. He said that he enjoys shopping, he doesn’t really pay attention to the brand, instead, he shops for items that he thinks are pretty. He likes using perfumes, among his favorite perfume brands is Chanel.

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Who drinks the most in NCT?

On March 22, NCT 127 made a guest appearance on the radio program “2 O’Clock Escape Cultwo Show.” During the show, a DJ asked the group which member is the best at drinking, to which the members selected Jaehyun.

What is Haechan’s favorite drink?

Haechan’s drink of choice is taro milk tea!

Can Jaemin drive a yacht?

Yes Jaemin can, in fact, sail a yacht. … ride a jet ski or a yacht.

How old is Jaemin?

20 years (August 13, 2000)

Is Jeno religious?

JENO Facts

Jeno got into SM Entertainment on June 3, 2013 and made his debut as a member of NCT on August 25, 2016. … His Christian (baptismal) name is Jeno, but he is no longer Catholic. He is not a religious person.

What is Moon taeil’s IQ?

His IQ is more than 150.

Is NCT rich?

Yes! As mentioned before, Chenle’s family is really rich, especially his grandfather, and he’s released albums before joining SM, so he probably has already made money too.

Who is the best cook in NCT dream?

It seemed like Taeyong was previously known as the “chef” of the group but now that position seems to be taken by Doyoung because on recent interviews the members have named him as the best cook in the group.

What does tolerance mean in alcohol?

Tolerance means that after continued drinking, consumption of a constant amount of alcohol produces a lesser effect or increasing amounts of alcohol are necessary to produce the same effect (1).

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