What is the density of 70 alcohol?

Density of Ethanol-Water Mixure
Ethanol Weight (%) Temperature (oC)
70 0.876 0.850
80 0.852 0.826
90 0.827 0.800

What is the density of 5% ethanol?

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Densities of Mixtures of Ethanol and Water at 20°C (Using Weight% Ethanol)
Concentration (% Ethanol by Weight) Tenths of %
4 0.99103 0.98987
5 0.98938 0.98827
6 0.98780 0.98673

What is the density of 100% ethanol?

789 кг/м³

What is the specific gravity of 60% alcohol?

Alcohol Table. Specific Gravity At 60&Deg;/60&Deg; F

Specific gravity in air at 60/60° F. Percentage of proof spirit. Percentage of alcohol.
0.8010 172.71 98.49
1 .67 .47
2 .63 .45
3 .60 .43

What is the color of ethanol?

Ethanol appears as a clear colorless liquid with a characteristic vinous odor and pungent taste.

What is density of ethanol?

789 kg/m³

Is ethanol more dense than water?

Ethyl alcohol (ethanol) is less dense than water, and it’s boiling point is lower. But this molecule is more complex and bigger than the simple H2O.

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What is the density of 95% ethanol?

density. 0.789 g/mL at 25 °C (lit.)

What is density of ethanol in g mL?

The density of ethanol is 0.789 g/mL and the density of water is 1.0 g/mL.

What liquid has the highest specific gravity?

Specific gravity of a liquid is the “ratio of the density of the liquid – to the density of water at 4oC”.

Specific gravity of common liquids and fluids like alcohol, oils, benzene, water and many more.

Fluid Temperature (oC) Specific Gravity SG
Benzene 25 0.876
Benzil 25 1.084
Bromine 25 3.12
Butane, liquid 25 0.601

Which fuel has highest specific gravity?

The heavier (more specific gravity) the crude oil, the higher its C/H ratio. Paraffins have the highest heating value and the aromatics the least 5.4 MJ/kg. Propane higher heating value is 42.4 MJ/kg while benzene is 50.4 MJ/kg and difference is 0.8 kJ/kg (Table 2).

What has the lowest specific gravity?

Specific gravity is highest in rocks rich in iron, magnesium oxide, and the heavy metals and lowest in those rich in alkalies, silica, and water.

What’s the density of rubbing alcohol?

786 kg/m³

What is the density of 40% alcohol?

Density of Ethyl Alcohol aqueous solutions

Density of Ethanol-Water Mixure
Ethanol Weight (%) Temperature (oC)
40 0.942 0.935
50 0.922 0.914
60 0.899 0.891

What is the density of ice?

The density of ice is 0.9167–0.9168 g/cm3 at 0 °C and standard atmospheric pressure (101,325 Pa), whereas water has a density of 0.9998–0.999863 g/cm3 at the same temperature and pressure.

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