Is alcohol sold on Fridays during Level 1?

This evening, President Cyril Ramaphosa announced that there will only be a few changes made to current lockdown regulations ahead of the Easter weekend. However, off-site sale of alcohol is not allowed on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

Can you buy alcohol Sunday Level 1?

All the new Level 1 rules, including closing times for restaurants and visits to old-age homes. South Africa moved from Alert Level 3 to Level 1 on Sunday night. This means a later curfew, and the lifting of almost all restrictions on alcohol sales. Visits to old-age homes and jails are permitted again.

Is alcohol sold on Fridays?

Alcohol sales permitted from 9-5, Monday to Friday

“The alcohol will now be allowed at licensed retailers for off-site consumption from Monday to Friday from 9am to 17:00,” said Ramaphosa. “On site consumption is permitted at licensed businesses only under strict conditions.”

What’s the earliest you can sell alcohol?

In most jurisdictions, sales of alcoholic beverages can occur between 7 a.m. and 3 a.m. in retail establishments, and the bar closing time is 2 a.m. Maximum size for beer and malt liquor bottles sold at retail establishments appears to be 32 ounces in most jurisdictions.

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Can you buy alcohol on Friday in South Africa?

Sources in the inner circles of the council said the government is recommending that the sale of alcohol for off-site consumption should not be permitted from Friday to Monday. Still, on-site consumption should be allowed until 23:00.

Can you buy alcohol Saturday Level 1?

With the move to Level 1 of the lockdown, alcohol can now be sold according to normal liquor license provisions. The only exception for sales is during new curfew hours of midnight to 04:00. President Cyril Ramaphosa said the move meant that most of the remaining restrictions on economic activity have been removed.

Can alcohol be sold today?

Alcohol can be sold for home consumption from Monday to Thursday only for now and no alcohol can be sold or served after 10pm. … Over the course of July and early August, pressure from the trade and regional governments, especially in the Western Cape, to allow alcohol and tobacco sales began to mount.

Are restaurants allowed to serve alcohol on weekends?

No alcohol can be sold on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays – this also includes public holidays. A licensed premises for on-site consumption is permitted to sell alcohol, subject to strict adherence to the curfew contemplated in regulation 50.

Do restaurants serve alcohol on weekends level 1?

President Cyril Ramaphosa says this move was aimed at ensuring the country’s economic recovery. This will allow normal alcohol sales for off-site consumption during weekends. … Previously alcohol sales were only allowed from Monday to Friday, from 09:00 to 17:00.

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Is there a alcohol ban?

Current alcohol bans

Alcohol has been banned from some public places in Auckland to encourage a safe and welcoming environment. … The bans are in place 24 hours a day, seven days a week in some places; in others they are only at night time or during daylight savings.

Can I sell alcohol from my home?

Anyone with a Personal Licences is legally allowed to sell alcohol on behalf of any business (including online) as long as it has premises licence (this does not apply to some members’ clubs or community premises). … Getting a personal licence is a two-step process: Training. Applying for and obtaining the licence.

Why is alcohol not sold on Sundays?

Many states prohibit selling alcohol for on and off-premises sales in one form or another on Sundays at some restricted time, under the idea that people should be in church on Sunday morning, or at least not drinking. … Blue laws may also prohibit retail activity on days other than Sunday.

What is the earliest time I can buy beer?

On-premise sale 7 A.M. to Midnight or 2 A.M. Beer can be sold Off-premise from 7 A.M. to Midnight Monday – Friday, 7 A.M. to 1 A.M. Saturday, and Noon to Midnight Sunday. Hard liquor can be sold 10 A.M. to 9 P.M. Monday – Saturday. Beer and wine can be sold in supermarkets.

Is the alcohol ban lifted in South Africa?

On 1 February, South African president Cyril Ramaphosa eased some restrictions imposed due to the coronavirus pandemic, including the country’s third ban on alcohol sales. …

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Can you travel with alcohol over Easter?

Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs Minister Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma. The transportation of alcohol will be allowed during the Easter long weekend. … “The short answer is yes, people can transport their own alcohol, even between provinces. “There is no risk that your alcohol will be confiscated,” he said.

Can you buy wine on Fridays?

Alcohol can now be sold for home consumption from Mondays to Fridays between 9am and 5pm. … Licensed establishments such as restaurants will sell alcohol in adherence with the curfew.

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