How much is an alcohol package on a cruise?

Is the alcohol package worth it on a cruise?

A Cruise Drink Package Is a Good Deal If…

Sure, it can be painful when you pay a few hundred dollars for drinks before your cruise even starts. But once you’ve gone ahead and paid, you have the luxury of being able to order drinks at most bars and restaurants without having to worry about your final bill.

How much is alcohol package on cruise?

Standard alcohol packages average $55 to $65 per person, per day, and the price likewise varies both by cruise line and drink inclusions.

Is it cheaper to buy drink package on a cruise?

One thing to note is that once you book your cruise, Royal Caribbean will often have large discount offers if you pre-book the drink package, which brings the cost down considerably. For example, during a recent cruise we saw an offer of 20% off the drink package if bought beforehand.

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How much is Royal Caribbean drink package?


And refuel for evening adventure with non-alcoholic cocktails. Onboard pricing is currently $29.00 – $38.00/per day for 2021-2022 sailings.

Can you share cruise drink packages?

Let us be crystal clear here: it is against Royal Caribbean’s rules to share the benefits of the drink package with anyone else. Period. Royal Caribbean stipulates the drink packages are solely for the person purchasing it and if caught sharing the package, you may have your drink package canceled without refund.

Can you sneak alcohol on a cruise?

Sneaking alcohol on a cruise has always been a popular pastime for those who are willing to break the rules to avoid paying for drinks onboard. Mainstream cruise lines prohibit passengers from bringing their own liquor, beer and other alcohol (with the exception of wine or Champagne) on ships.

Are drinks free on a cruise?

Most nonalcoholic beverages are free and unlimited. Drink water, coffee, tea, milk, lemonade and a few other beverages at no cost. Cruisers who want soda can buy a fountain soda package. No alcohol is included in the cruise price.

What cruises offer all inclusive alcohol?

17 Cruises That Include Alcohol in Your Fare

  • AmaWaterways. River cruise line AmaWaterways features a selection of complimentary local wines and beers during lunch and dinner on itineraries in Europe, Africa and Vietnam and Cambodia. …
  • Avalon Waterways. …
  • Azamara. …
  • Celestyal Cruises. …
  • Crystal Cruises. …
  • Emerald Waterways. …
  • Grand Circle Cruise Line. …
  • Regent Seven Seas Cruises.

Does Carnival have a drink limit?

Carnival’s daily limit for alcoholic drinks is fifteen drinks per day, whether you are on the CHEERS! program or not. This limit resets at 6 AM every day, and this rule does not apply to non-alcoholic drinks.

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What is the best all inclusive cruise line?

Top 5 Luxury All-Inclusive Cruise Lines

  • Regent Seven Seas Cruises. What You Get: Regent is perhaps the most all-inclusive cruise line sailing the seas. …
  • Crystal Cruises. What You Get: Crystal provides an all-inclusive cruise experience that appeals to its tradition-minded passengers. …
  • Silversea Cruises. …
  • Seabourn Cruise Line.

What cruise lines are offering free drink packages?

Other lines that sometimes run promotions with free drinks packages include Princess Cruises, Celebrity Cruises and Holland America.

How much spending money should I take on a cruise?

Our rule of thumb is that you should simply budget as much cash as you would for any other vacation, when in port. On the ship, however, you’ll need far less. The good news is that if you bring too much cash, you can always put it back into your account when you return home.

How do you get free drink packages on Royal Caribbean?

Generally speaking, Royal Caribbean does not offer its drink packages for free, but it does regularly offer discounts on them. If you book a Star Class suite on an Oasis or Quantum Class ship, complimentary Deluxe Beverage Package is included for every guest in the room.

Is Royal Caribbean drink package worth it?

Based on the numbers, the Royal Caribbean drink package was worth it on our Freedom of the Seas cruise. It saved us $418.90, or roughly 34%. Part of this cost-savings was recognized by purchasing the drink package pre-cruise for 25% off the onboard price. We actually only paid a total of $792.96 for our drink packages.

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How do I sneak alcohol on a Royal Caribbean cruise?

How To Sneak Booze on a Cruise Ship

  1. Rum Runner Flasks are Your Best Friend. These things were created expressly for sneaking booze onto a cruise. …
  2. Mouthwash Mojitos. …
  3. Buy Decoy Bottles. …
  4. Hide In Plain Sight. …
  5. Restock at Foreign Liquor Stores. …
  6. Seduce a Bartender.


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