How much does NZ spend on alcohol?

New Zealanders spend $85 million per week on alcohol ($4-5 billion per year).

How much does alcohol cost NZ each year?

In 2020, alcohol contributed $1.193 billion of government revenue in the form of excise tax. In contrast, alcohol misuse is estimated to cost New Zealand society $7.85 billion each year.

How much do Kiwis spend on alcohol?

In total, New Zealanders spend around $5 billion every year on alcohol.

What percentage of income is spent on alcohol?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Americans spend about 1 percent of their gross annual income on alcohol. For the average household, that’s $565 a year, $5,650 in 10 years, or a whopping $22,600 over a 40-year period.

How often do New Zealanders drink?

This totals 36 million litres of pure alcohol per year or 8.7 litres per person aged over 15 years. This means that every New Zealander drinks an average of almost 2 standard drinks per day.

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Is alcohol cheap in NZ?

“Our analysis suggests alcohol is now probably the cheapest recreational drug in New Zealand and has become increasingly affordable, at the same time as concern about the binge-drinking culture has grown,” said Associate Professor Nick Wilson.

Why is alcohol so expensive in New Zealand?

“As a rule, beer in New Zealand is relatively expensive compared to the rest of the world to start with because of the excise tax on it. That’s complicated because it gets charged at the brewery, so everyone who adds their profit margin cost down the line is adding to the excise tax.

What age drinks the most alcohol?

Binge drinking is most common among younger adults aged 18–34 years, but more than half of the total binge drinks are consumed by those aged 35 and older. Binge drinking is twice as common among men than among women.

How many deaths are caused by alcohol in New Zealand?

Health: Between 600 and 800 New Zealanders die each year from alcohol related causes. Nearly 1/5 of all deaths for men, and 1/10 of all deaths for women are attributed to alcohol use.

What do they drink in New Zealand?

Ten beverages you have to try in New Zealand

  • Flat white. The flat white is synonymous to New Zealand coffee culture. …
  • Lemon & Paeroa aka L&P. Delicious lemony fizz made in Paeroa, New Zealand. …
  • Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc. …
  • Lewis Road Creamery flavoured milk. …
  • Speight’s Beer. …
  • Phoenix. …
  • Spring water. …
  • Craft beer.
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How much do Millennials spend on alcohol?

According to the survey, millennials tend to spend on average $300 a month on alcohol.

How much does the average 25 year old drink?

Findings showed that the amount that people drink usually peaks at around 25 years old at about 20 units (about 10 drinks, as we think of them) a week for men and seven or eight units (three to four drinks) for women. But the frequency of drinking increases as people age, especially for men.

What is the most expensive alcohol in the world?

The World’s Most Expensive Drinks Ever Sold

  • Bowmore 1957 Scotch whisky, $185,300.
  • 1869 Chateau Lafite Rothschild, $328,000.
  • Henri IV Dudognon Heritage Cognac Grande Champagne, $2 million.
  • The Pasión Azteca, Platinum Liquor Bottle by Tequila Ley, $USD3. …
  • Isabella Islay whisky, $USD6. …
  • The Cornish submarine cellar, unknown.


How many drinks can I have and drive NZ?

The legal drink drive limits for drivers 20 years and over are a breath alcohol limit of 250 micrograms (mcg) of alcohol per litre of breath and a blood alcohol limit of 50mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood. Go to the Ministry of Transport’s website for information about drink driving legislation.

Why can’t you buy spirits in NZ supermarkets?

Why do supermarkets in New Zealand not sell spirits? As Lynne Chamberlain has stated, it’s because of our liquor licensing laws. It’s only in the last 20 or so years that the laws were amended to allow supermarkets to sell wine and beer.

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How many drinks makes you an alcoholic?

Heavy Alcohol Use:

NIAAA defines heavy drinking as follows: For men, consuming more than 4 drinks on any day or more than 14 drinks per week. For women, consuming more than 3 drinks on any day or more than 7 drinks per week.

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