Frequent question: What is the density of pure alcohol?


What is the density of 50% alcohol?

Density of Ethyl Alcohol aqueous solutions

Density of Ethanol-Water Mixure
Ethanol Weight (%) Temperature (oC)
30 0.960 0.944
40 0.942 0.924
50 0.922 0.902

What is the density of 95% ethanol?

density. 0.789 g/mL at 25 °C (lit.)

How much is the density of alcohol?

Alcohol weighs 0.7893 gram per cubic centimeter or 789.3 kilogram per cubic meter, i.e. density of alcohol is equal to 789.3 kg/m³; at 20°C (68°F or 293.15K) at standard atmospheric pressure.

What is the density of 70% ethyl alcohol?

Product Specification

Appearance Clear colorless liquid
Relative density (d20/20°C) 0.8861-0.8884
Specific gravity (25°C) 0.8837-0.8850
Solubility (5% in Water) Clear solution
Assay 69.5-70.4%v/v

What is the density of 100% ethanol?

789 kg/m³

What is the color of ethanol?

Ethanol appears as a clear colorless liquid with a characteristic vinous odor and pungent taste.

Is 95% ethanol flammable?

Flammable liquid and moderately toxic by ingestion. Flammable liquid, keep away from all ignition sources.

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Is 95 ethyl alcohol safe for skin?

Ethanol at a concentration ranging between 60% and 95% is generally classified to be safe and effective for topical use on hands [14].

Why is ethanol 70%?

Ethanol is a commonly used antiseptic in the lab environment. It has the highest effective concentration at 70% compared to a stronger solution. This occurs due to alcohol’s ability to coagulate protein on contact.

Which is more dense alcohol or water?

Water is more dense than alcohol or oil because its molecules can pack closely together, which means that it has more mass in the same volume than either alcohol or oil.

What liquids have a higher density than water?

As a demonstration, the teacher will compare the weight of an equal amount or volume of water and corn syrup so students can observe that corn syrup is more dense than water and sinks.

Is alcohol more dense than Coke?

The oil drops that are added are more dense than the alcohol so will fall through the alcohol, but will remain on top of the water. The oil is less dense than the water.

Densities of Common Compounds
Substance Density grams per mL
Ethyl Alcohol 0.789
Rubbing Alcohol 0.79
Ice 0.92

Is ethanol more dense than water?

Ethyl alcohol (ethanol) is less dense than water, and it’s boiling point is lower. But this molecule is more complex and bigger than the simple H2O.

What is density of ethanol?

789 kg/m³

What is the specific gravity of 60% alcohol?

Alcohol Table. Specific Gravity At 60&Deg;/60&Deg; F

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Specific gravity in air at 60/60° F. Percentage of proof spirit. Percentage of alcohol.
0.8010 172.71 98.49
1 .67 .47
2 .63 .45
3 .60 .43
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