Frequent question: What happens when you have a concussion and drink alcohol?

Can You Drink Alcohol with A Concussion? Drinking alcohol with a concussion can be damaging to the brain’s recovery. It may prolong symptoms or in some cases, even make them worse. Because alcohol is a psychoactive substance, it alters brain function.

What happens if you drink alcohol with a concussion?

Facts About Concussion and Alcohol

Alcohol can: increase the risk of worsening issues related to brain injury, like depression. magnify cognitive problems (concentration, problem solving, memory and learning new information). affect mobility/balance, speech and fatigue.

How long after concussion can you drink alcohol?

A small amount may worsen the effects of the brain injury. It can cause unsteadiness and dizziness which may lead to a fall and further injury. It is sensible to avoid alcohol for at least one week after injury and then monitor carefully how alcohol affects you. Reduce your normal intake until you feel fully recovered.

What should you not drink with a concussion?

Repeat concussions or brain injury before you have healed can be very dangerous. You should not drink alcohol or take medications which make you more sleepy such as sleeping pills or pain medications. It may be helpful to avoid caffeine including coffee, tea, some sodas and chocolate.

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What makes a concussion worse?

1. Reduce screen time. Bright lights and the eyestrain associated with looking at them can sometimes make concussions symptoms worse, especially headaches. As you recover, try to limit the amount of time you spend looking at your phone, laptop, TV, or other screens.

How do you tell if you have a concussion when you’re drunk?

The most common symptoms of concussion are:

  1. confusion, such as being unaware of your surroundings, a delay in answering questions, or having a blank expression.
  2. headache.
  3. dizziness.
  4. nausea.
  5. loss of balance.
  6. feeling stunned or dazed.


How long does a mild concussion last?

A mild concussion may last only hours to 7 to 10 days. More severe concussions may last weeks to months.

How long after concussion can you watch TV?

Here are the latest recommendations: A period of total rest should be observed immediately following the concussion, generally not longer than 48 hours. Gradual phasing in of screen time can follow, starting with 5-15 minutes at a time.

Can you drink alcohol after a head injury?

Alcohol consumption following a brain injury is known to impair brain injury recovery and is not recommended. After sustaining a brain injury, many people find they are much more sensitive to the effects of alcohol – specifically its negative impact on cognition and an increase in symptoms of depression.

How long does a concussion take to heal?

Concussion recovery and treatment. Approximately 80 percent of concussions resolve over seven to 14 days, with an average of 10 days. People with concussions should never return to sports or other physical activity sooner than one week from sustaining the injury.

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What not to do if you have a concussion?

4 things to avoid after a concussion

  1. Excessive physical activity. An increased heart rate may worsen your symptoms, dragging out your recovery.
  2. Strenuous mental activities. Reading, computer work, playing video games, texting and watching TV can overstimulate your brain, says Dr. …
  3. Driving too soon. …
  4. Pain relievers.


Can you watch TV with a concussion?

Generally, after suffering a concussion, patients are encouraged to avoid reading, watching TV and using mobile devices to help their brains heal.

How long should you stay awake after a concussion?

The new thinking: What are the recommendations for sleep after concussion now? The reality is that these more concerning injuries usually show up in the first 3 to 6 hours after injury. Therefore, you should keep a concussed person awake during this time and monitor them.

Can a concussion get worse?

In post-concussion syndrome symptoms persist longer than would be expected from the nature of the injury. They often get WORSE over time whereas symptoms directly related to a head injury are worst at the beginning and slowly improve.

Is a concussion serious?

Concussions are usually not life-threatening, but they can cause serious symptoms that require medical treatment. A concussion is different from a contusion. A concussion specifically affects your brain, but contusions are bruises.

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