Do several different factors affect a person’s absorption of alcohol?

Many factors influence your body’s ability to absorb and tolerate alcohol. For example, consider the factor of biological sex: Women have less dehydrogenase, the enzyme that breaks down alcohol in the stomach, which contributes to higher BACs than men drinking the same amount of alcohol.

Which of these factors may affect a person’s blood alcohol concentration quizlet?

The factors that influence BAC are rate of absorption, drinking rate, body weight, and the size of the drink. The faster alcohol is consumed, the faster it reaches the blood stream.

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Which of the following factors may impact a person’s blood alcohol consumption?

These factors include some of the following: Weight-The more a person weighs, the more water there is in his or her body. Since water dilutes alcohol and it can lower a person’s BAC level, a person who weighs more will have a lower BAC level than a person who weighs less after consuming the same amount of alcohol.

Which of the following is a key factor that influences blood alcohol concentration?

Explanation: The key factor that influence BAC is body weight. The less the bodyweight of a person, the more will be alcohol concentration in the bloodstream. Due to less amount of body weight, the alcohol concentration will affect BAC and body.

Which of the following affects the rate of absorption of alcohol quizlet?

Having food in the stomach will slow the rate of absorption of alcohol. It will thereby slow the rise in blood alcohol level. One study showed that an alcoholic drink consumed after a meal was absorbed about three times more slowly than if it was consumed on an empty stomach.

What are two health problems associated with drinking alcohol?

Over time, excessive alcohol use can lead to the development of chronic diseases and other serious problems including:

  • High blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, liver disease, and digestive problems. …
  • Cancer of the breast, mouth, throat, esophagus, voice box, liver, colon, and rectum.

Which of the following is a reason why alcohol affects teenagers and adults in different ways?

Drinking is more harmful to teens than adults because their brains are still developing throughout adolescence and well into young adulthood. Drinking during this critical growth period can lead to lifelong damage in brain function, particularly as it relates to memory, motor skills (ability to move) and coordination.

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What are three factors that affect the amount of alcohol in a person?


  • Amount of Alcohol & Speed of Consumption. The more alcohol and/or the shorter the time period, the higher the Blood Alcohol Content (BAC).
  • Biological / Genetic Risk. …
  • Ethnicity. …
  • Gender. …
  • Body Size and Composition. …
  • Stomach Content. …
  • Dehydration. …
  • Carbonated Beverages.

Which of the following best describes where in the body alcohol is absorbed?

Which of the following best describes where in the body alcohol is absorbed? 20 percent diffuses through the stomach lining into the bloodstream; 80 percent is absorbed through the lining of the upper third of the small intestine.

Who would most likely develop an alcohol addiction in adulthood?

A teen who uses alcohol to cope with family problems would most likely develop an alcohol addiction in adulthood.

What are 6 factors which affect BAC?

There are many important individual factors and circumstances that affect blood alcohol concentration (BAC) levels.

  • How Quickly You Drink. …
  • Body Weight. …
  • Altitude. …
  • Food in the Stomach. …
  • Male or Female. …
  • The Size of a Drink. …
  • Type of Mix Used. …
  • Medications.

What are 3 major factors that influence teens and underage drinking?

The three major factors that influence underage drinking are the attitudes of peers, family, and the media. The state in which a person’s mental and physical abilities are impaired by alcohol or another substance is intoxication.

Is height a key factor that influences BAC?

BAC stands for Blood Alcohol Content. The BAC is influenced by the amount of alcohol you drink, but is also strongly influenced by your weight (not by the type of food you ear nor by your height).

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Which organ’s are responsible for alcohol absorption quizlet?

The liver is the primary organ for processing ETOH in to waste. The kidneys are responsible for waste removal. Alcohol is absorbed directly through the walls of the stomach to the blood stream. Alcohol is also “broken down” by an enzyme in the stomach- alcohol dehydrogenase.

What is the primary organ from which alcohol is absorbed into the blood?

While the kidneys and gastro-intestinal tract play a role in this process, the liver is the main organ responsible for transforming alcohol absorbed by the blood into substances that your body can process and eliminate.

What is one of many factors that can determine the rate of alcohol absorption?

Food is one of many factors that can determine the rate of alcohol absorption.

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