Can you get alcohol delivered in PA?

Yes! We all want to make the alcohol delivery experience as safe and easy as possible. … Pennsylvania law allows home delivery of beer and malt beverages, as long as the consumer can offer proof that they are 21 or older.

Does DoorDash deliver alcohol in PA?

DoorDash is food delivery anywhere you go. With one of the largest networks of restaurant options in Philadelphia for Alcohol delivery, choose from 23 Alcohol stores restaurants near you! Enjoy the most delicious Alcohol restaurants in Philadelphia from the comfort of your home or office.

Can I get vodka delivered in PA?

How to get it: Place an order online by visiting You must pay with a credit card, and your order will be delivered to your doorstep in Philadelphia, Bucks, Delaware, Chester or Montgomery County within 24 hours. Orders are filled seven days a week, and delivery is free with a two bottle order.

Does Instacart deliver alcohol in PA?

The on-demand shopping service Instacart has told customers that it has stopped delivering wine and spirits from Pennsylvania’s State Stores – a service that was hailed as revolutionary when it began in March 2014. …

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Does Uber eats deliver alcohol in Pennsylvania?

Yes it is. Once you place your alcohol order online, you’ll be able to track its arrival by the minute. It might even arrive in under an hour.

Will DoorDash deliver cigarettes?

No. DoorDash does not support the sale or delivery of any tobacco products, including related items like JUUL devices and vape pens.

Did DoorDash stop delivering alcohol?

DoorDash does deliver alcohol, primarily from restaurants. However, not every restaurant they deliver from will allow alcohol delivery, and some also require a food purchase. But they do also sell spirits, including liquor from liquor stores in states that allow it.

Can you have wine delivered in PA?

Pennsylvania residents may receive up to 36 cases (up to nine liters per case) per year of wine shipped by a wine producer licensed by the PLCB as a direct wine shipper. Direct-shipped wine is subject to state and local sales tax and a $2.50 per gallon wine excise tax. …

Does Amazon sell liquor?

Purchasing Alcohol at an Amazon Go or Amazon Go Grocery

Alcohol is available for purchase at select Amazon Go and Amazon Go Grocery locations. Alcohol products are available for customers aged 21 and over. Customers appearing to be under the age of 55 must have valid ID showing they are over 21 to purchase alcohol.

Can I have whiskey shipped to Pennsylvania?

Regarding the importation of malt or brewed beverages, Act 166 of 2016 (Act 166) created a direct malt or brewed beverage shipper (DBS) license to allow out-of-state shipment of malt and brewed beverages to Pennsylvania residents.

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Why can’t Instacart deliver alcohol?

We can’t deliver alcohol if the customer doesn’t meet all delivery requirements. In these cases, we refund the alcohol and return it to the store. The customer may still be charged delivery fees, bottle deposit fees, or the tip.

How does alcohol delivery work with Instacart?

To buy alcohol through Instacart, shoppers go to or open the Instacart mobile app, select their city and store, and search for beer, wine or spirits to add to their online basket. … Customers ordering alcohol via Instacart must be age 21 or older and present a valid government ID upon delivery.

What states can Instacart deliver alcohol?

Instacart alcohol delivery is available today in:

  • California.
  • Connecticut.
  • Florida.
  • Illinois.
  • Kentucky.
  • Massachusetts.
  • Minnesota.
  • Missouri.

Can Uber eats deliver alcohol?

The app forbids alcohol delivery in most markets. … But in the United States, Uber Eats’ app is programmed for alcohol sales only in Florida and select smaller markets.

Why can’t I order alcohol on Uber eats?

You must be 21 or older and have a valid government-issued photo ID verifying your name and age, and not be intoxicated, to receive alcohol. … You may be charged a restocking fee if you are ineligible/unable to receive alcohol at the time of delivery for any of these reasons.

Can I get beer delivered in Pittsburgh PA?

Beverages2u Local Delivery

beverages2u is a locally owned and operated delivery service with over 700 beers (locals, imports, craft, and domestics) plus bottled waters, mixers, and more. Will delivery to to doorsteps across PA. In the Pittsburgh Area, the business processes and delivers orders Tuesday through Saturday.

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