Can Ontario residents buy alcohol in Quebec?

It is now legal to bring alcohol purchased in another province into Quebec for personal consumption. Quebec was the last province not to allow citizens to bring alcohol from elsewhere in Canada.

Can Ontarians buy beer in Quebec?

That’s because, right now, there are only four provinces in the country that will allow Kubek to ship his bottles directly to consumers across provincial borders. Ontario and Quebec, two of the biggest markets in the country, are not among them.

Can I bring alcohol into Quebec?

To import alcoholic beverages into Quebec, you must contact the SAQ before you return to Canada. The SAQ allows immigrants, residents and Canadian citizens to bring alcohol into Quebec as long as the alcohol has been in their possession for at least three months before their return to Canada.

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Is it illegal to buy beer in Quebec and bring to Ontario?

A: Yes. The Government of Ontario amended Regulation 718 under the Liquor Licence Act. Individuals are now permitted to bring any quantity of beverage alcohol into Ontario on their person from other Canadian provinces or territories, as long as it is for personal consumption and not for re-sale or commercial use.

Can you buy alcohol at 18 in Quebec if you’re from Ontario?

Each province and territory is free to set its own drinking age. The legal age for purchase is: 19 years of age in British Columbia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Northwest Territories, Nova Scotia, Nunavut, Ontario, PEI, Saskatchewan, and Yukon. 18 years of age in Alberta, Manitoba, and Quebec.

Why is beer so cheap in Quebec?

Quebec isn’t privatized. It has a provincial liquor system like Ontario, but it allows sales of specific alcohols through “depanneurs” and grocery stores. … Because Quebec allows the sale of beer at grocery stores and “depanneurs” beer is cheaper there.

Can I go to Quebec to buy beer?

You can buy beer until 11pm daily at the depanneur (convenience store), or hard liquor at the SAQ (Societe d’Alcool du Quebec aka Quebec’s liquor Commission) normally from 9am- 5pm, Monday through Saturday, and until 9pm on Thursdays and Fridays at certain locations.

Do you need a smart serve in Quebec?

Quebec. There is no mandatory requirement in Quebec, however the province’s Éduc’alcool and Institut du tourisme et d’hôtellerie du Québec (ITHQ) run Service in Action certification for people working in the trade who wish to expand their knowledge of licensing laws and responsibilities.

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When can you sell alcohol in Quebec?

Grocery stores and depanneurs can sell alcohol as of 7 am. Restaurants will be able to apply for an alcohol delivery permit. Bars and restaurants will be allowed to mix drinks in advance (whatever isn’t sold the day of however, must be thrown out). Caterers will be allowed to sell alcohol.

Is there tax on alcohol in Quebec?

All provinces and territories have implemented retail sales taxes on the purchase of alcohol. … Quebec taxes alcohol at a rate per millilitre of beverage purchased and has separate tax rates for beer and other types of alcohol.

How much is a 60 pack of beer in Quebec?

This Year, You Won’t Find In Quebec A 24-Pack Of Beer Sold at Minimum Price

Packs Number of Liters $ Min. Price
48 can. 355 ml 17.04 49.96
60 can. 355 ml. 21.30 62.43
20 can. 355 ml. 7.10 22.80
24 bot. 341 ml 8.18 26.27

How much is a 24 of beer in Quebec?

Quebec, which has allowed beer and wine sales in corner stores and supermarkets for years, seems to be a genuine outlier compared to the rest of the country, a wonderfully less-expensive one where the price of a 24-pack of cans or bottles (of Canadian) sells for about $27.

Can you buy alcohol at Costco in Quebec?

You need to be a member to purchase alcohol from all Costco stores in Quebec. Alcohol prices are mandated by the provincial liquor control board so don’t expect to save really big on those products. The only alcohol you will find is: Wine.

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Can a 19 year old American buy alcohol in Canada?

It’s not illegal for a 19 year old to drink in Canada. The US government can’t charge you with that. Other private parties may. And if you return to the US intoxicated, you will be committing a crime on US soil and can be prosecuted for that.

Can a 19 year old Canadian drink in America?

A Canadian visiting America has to be 21 to drink, but an American in Canada only has to be 19. Foreign visitors are subject to local laws in the country they’re visiting, not the laws from their home country. No you cannot drink legally in the USA at 19 where the minimum drinking age is 21.

What ID can I use to buy alcohol?

Acceptable ID could include a photo driving licence, a passport, a proof of age scheme card that carries the PASS hologram or military ID. Ultimately, it’s up to the discretion of the manager or the person responsible for running the premises as to whether they will accept certain forms of ID.

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