Best answer: When did the song Blame it on the alcohol come out?

Blame It

What episode did the Fox sing blame it on the alcohol?

“Blame It on the Alcohol” is the fourteenth episode of the second season of the television series Glee, and the thirty-sixth overall. The episode was written by Ian Brennan, directed by Eric Stoltz and first aired in the United States on Fox on February 22, 2011.

Who sang Blame it on the alcohol?

Джейми Фокс

What genre is Blame It by Jamie Foxx?


Which masked singer Jamie Foxx?

McCarthy stuck with Foxx as her final guess and was shocked to see The Robopine was actually revealed to be actor Tyrese Gibson.

Who was the monster in the masked singer?

Once the Group C contestants finally took the stage on The Masked Singer, we had a funny feeling Squiggly Monster was none other than comedian Bob Saget, and after taking one more look at all the clues, we’re ready to bet the house on it.

Who sings Blame it on the whiskey?

Jon Pardi

How much is Jamie Foxx worth?

Jamie Foxx net worth: Jamie Foxx is an American actor, producer, singer and comedian who has a net worth of $150 million.

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Who is Jamie Foxx daughter?

Джейми Фокс/Дочери

Was Jamie Foxx Electro?

He was created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko in 1964. He was portrayed in the 2014 film The Amazing Spider-Man 2 by Jamie Foxx.

Electro (Jamie Foxx)

Rank: Villain
Mother: Mrs. Dillon
Portrayed by: Jamie Foxx
First appeared: The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Who is Jamie Foxx’s sister?

Джейми Фокс/Сестры

Who is the chameleon on the Masked Singer 2021?

The Chameleon rapped his way to the finale of season 5 of The Masked Singer, but his time on the wacky singing-mystery show came to an end Wednesday night. The groovy lizard ultimately placed third, and was unmasked to reveal rapper Wiz Khalifa.

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